Lantern Roofing

Halesowen Windows Roof Lanterns are an ideal way to flood your space with natural light whilst still maintaining your current room. Roof lanterns are a finishing touch on any flat roof that needs a boost of vibrancy and freshness. As the lantern is above your ceiling level, height is added to your room making it feel more spacious and comfortable.

A roof lantern can incorporate the latest technology in high performance glass, reducing heat transmission and offering the option of self cleaning glass where accesses is limited, this can help your home become more eco-friendly, add life to dull spaces and help you keep up with the latest cutting-edge design.

A roof lantern can also incorporate roof vents where ventilation is required, and can be provided in countless shapes, sizes, colours and glazing to enhance a project.

By being able to choose from our options including colour and shape we can assure you the finishing product will be exactly what you imagined and more.

There are many benefits of Lantern Roofing such as:

  • Adding natural light to your property
  • A visually attractive feature to any home
  • Reduced energy bills due to heat and light from the lantern roof
  • Health benefits such as increased vitamin D levels


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Why A halesowen windows roof lantern?


A Roof Lantern is a great way to benefit from natural light. Natural light increases your mood, productivity and vitamin D levels meaning your health and happiness could be increased just by your roof lantern. As well as this you can now enjoy a light environment without harsh, unnatural light from bulbs.

Entirely Bespoke

Halesowen Windows can design, manufacture and install any style of roof lantern you choose to suit you and your home. Choose from our abundance of styles and colours to find the roof lantern for you.

Energy Efficient

Roof Lanterns are a delightful feature, letting you cut down your energy consumption and instead flooding your room with a renewable resource that is the sun. They are especially useful in the summer time as you may never need to turn your property’s lights on.


With homes and offices being built closer and closer as the years go by, it has became a task trying to make a property feel spacious and full of light with out feeling like your privacy is being invaded by buildings surrounding your own. A commercial and domestic roof lantern can easily solve that problem. The angle and height of your roof light ensure your privacy is fully maintained whilst delivering the benefits other options would.

Visually attractive

As well as all its benefits lantern roofing is also visually attractive from the inside and out. You can enhance your home with our many shapes, colours and glazing types, allowing your lantern roof to be perfect finishing touch that will compliment your property.

Improves ventilation

Warm air naturally rises, so heat captured in the day, smoke and stale air will rise upwards towards your roof light and can be ventilated with out optional ventilation add on. Good ventilation has many benefits one being able to adequately ventilate your home without having to open windows. Hay-fever, asthma and anyone effected by pollen knows the problems it causes them, meaning a fitted ventilation system could be the answer to a comfortable summer.

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