Spitfire Doors

Luxury Aluminium Doors

A Spitfire door combines high security, design, and technology to provide you with a luxury entrance door like no other. With an impregnable security system as standard and optional technology such as fingerprint access, the Spitfire door is virtually burglar-proof and gives you peace of mind that your home is continually secure.

The Spitfire door range offers three classes of luxury entrance doors which create an outstanding welcome to your home. Each door is manufactured using high-grade materials and with over 600 individual styles available, you can design an exemplary aluminium entrance door that will fit seamlessly into your property.

S-200 Series

The S-200 series comprises of 60 customisable luxury entrance doors which give you the freedom to choose or design your door to your own personal specification.

The S-200 entrance door features a solid aluminium door and outer frame with a low threshold that can be designed on a scale of up to 2400mm in height and 1150mm in width. To accompany its impeccable engineering, the Spitfire door possesses discreet mechanical fixings in its door sash which counteract distortion that can occur in hot and cold climates.

In terms of security the S-200 series pairs a high-grade locking system with an 80mm thick door sash to create an unassailable level of security. It comes as no surprise that the S-200 series complies with several RC2 levels specified by the IFT Rosenheim Test. Additionally, S-200 aluminium entrance doors never has less than three layers of security glass, meaning you can ensure the security of your home whichever design you choose.

S-500 Series

The signature series has been crafted to provide the finest aluminium entrance door collection. The series comprises of 400 customisable designs allowing you to create an aluminium door that is exclusive to your home.

The design capability is endless with the signature series. From striking handles to a plethora of colours, textures, and wood effects, which are baked on to ensure colour stability, you can create the perfect entrance door that will last a lifetime. The S-500 series also boasts a selection of triple glazed laminated glazing which can be paired with hand-set Swarovski crystals or simply given a satin finish for privacy. By choosing the S-500 aluminium entrance door you can be sure your door will be truly breath-taking.

Where the signature series excels in design it does not lack in security. The S-500 comprises of a sizeable aluminium profile partnered with high-security multi-point locks and hinges. Its locking system and appearance are designed to deter intruders and give you peace of mind all year round. If you wish to enhance the security of your S-500 entrance door, you can add an easy to use fingerprint opening system which is secure and completely reliable. The biometric entry system allows you to control who can enter your home, can detect changes in fingerprints and is designed to work effectively in both warm and cool climates, allowing you to enter and protect your home with ease.

S-700 Pivot Series

The S-700 pivot series opens the way to a unique take on the aluminium entrance door. Unlike any other door, a pivot door creates an immense design statement setting your home apart from those in your neighbourhood.

The oversized property of the pivot door does not hinder its performance, and this is displayed by its effortless opening ability and soft closure, made possible by the built-in door closer. The pivot door is a great alternative to the renowned double doors and can create an extraordinary aesthetic due to its oversized nature. You can tailor your aluminium pivot door to fit perfectly into your home with a scale of up to 4 metres tall and a selection of handles including recessed external handles with built-in LED’s.

Just like any other Spitfire door, security is a priority. The S-700 pivot series includes a fusion of high-security locks fitted in 3mm high-quality aluminium sections and engineered accessories designed to keep your home secure. As well as its locking system, the Spitfire Pivot’s depth creates a practically intruder proof barrier for your home.

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Get a FREE No Obligation Quotation Today by Calling us on 0121 585 7306 and make Your Home Become Your Dream Home For An Affordable Cost.